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Magic Magnet Flyscreen Doors sell online direct to the public so you can buy & SAVE $ on all types of magnetic fly screen doors.

Magic Magnet Flyscreen Doors are a family owned and operated business which have been operating for over 15 years.

Our customers have always loved our prompt service, quality of products and price.

Easy DIY Easy Fit Insect Door Screens

Just measure your doors and choose from one of our set screen size options.

If you want an elegant, stylish, and classy magnetic DIY screen door – you will find what you need here.

The magnets are sewn inside the curtain which makes it look very neat. It was very easy to install, much easier than the previous one.

Jamie Yi

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Magnetic screen door insect screens are the ideal solution for busy family homes and businesses.

Unlike standard insect screen doors, magnetic flyscreen doors can be easily DIY fitted to any and every door.

These insect screen doors go up in seconds and stay up … matter how often you, your kids or your dog walk through

So let the fresh air in and keep those annoying bugs out.

Best of all Magic Magnet Flyscreen Doors saves you money because when it’s nice you can leave those doors open and you won’t have to use air conditioning.


My family and I have gone through two other versions of this product,…..

The XXXX XXX & XXXX XXXXX Instant Screen and in a matter of months they tore apart, but this premium magnetic screen door is perfect.

We walk in and out of this screen on a regular day basis (I want to say about at least 100 times a day) and do not have any issues of the screen not closing unlike the other versions where you would need to check if your screen even close.

I was able to adjust the screen, for our door width 29.5″ I simply velcro the top of the mesh, roll the sides together, use the thumb tacks provided, and done, the mesh door fitted perfect!

As for the the length of the mesh I just simply folded a good portion of the mesh to door length and use safety pins and pinned a line across both sides of the mesh.

I highly recommend this version of a screen mesh door

Jenny Corapi

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A magnetic fly screen door is a cost effective DIY solution, they allow an insect free house without compromising fresh air.


Magic Magnet Flyscreen Doors are perfect for single doors a must have for homes with sliding doors and is even great for campers and RV’s because even when your hands are full Magic Magnet Flyscreen Doors will snap close behind you.

That makes it great for pets too because instead of scratching and whining they can come and go as they please.

And it puts an end to slamming doors because it closes gently every time.

We provide free delivery all across NEW ZEALAND

Once your payment has cleared; orders prepared the same day.


This screen is more durable. It is more of a woven mesh and is easy to see (no one will walk into in without see it).

The magnets work well to shut the seam. Even our dachshund has figured out how to use it. The door is not a one-size-fits-all. I did have to gather the screen in the corners a bit. I never expected a custom fit. Overall a good product for a good price.

Sarimah Collins